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Relay Week 11

Fiona responded to my origami stop motion with this hand drawn chicken. My immediate reaction was of the phrase ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ so I drew this in illustrator. I wanted to keep it simple.

I thought i’d keep practicing illustrator and use of colours.

Relay Week 10

Fiona responded to my blue eyes piece, with this logo. Didn’t really know where to go with this at all, but settled on an inventory of anything blue that was around me. Kept it simple by laying it out in a square grid.

Relay Week 9

As per previous post, Fiona responded to my butterfly with a photoshop piece of some origami cranes. In response, I have created some moving paper cranes that give the effect of wings flapping. I wanted to create an animation of them flapping but it proved a bit tricky so I made this short, low fi, stop motion animation of the bird flying from one corner to another getting smaller so it appears that its flying away.

Relay Week 8 

Fiona responded to my eye test with this image of a hand drawn image of an eye inside a pair of glasses. 

I want to practice my use of type within my work, so I created this piece: A photo of my eye in the background of the words Blue Eyes. Wasn’t sure of the background so I’ve included two options.

Fiona responded to my tye dye piece with these 4 coloured butterflies. In response to this, I reverted to my inner child and created some paint butterflies, where you only paint on one side and fold the page over to create a mirror image. I took the best one of these and stuck it in a frame as though it was in a museum.

Fiona responded to my ‘Illustrator is hurting my brain’ poster, with a poster that said University is hurting my brain. The text was tripled and it made my eyes go a bit funny so I responded with a personalised eye test! Sorry its a bit rubbish!

Fiona responded to my photograph of the beach, with this digital image.

The image reminded me of a hippy style picture, so I taught myself some new parts of Photoshop to create this tye dye piece. I don’t really like it….hopefully next week I’ll be more inspired.

Relay Week 4

Fiona ( responded to my ‘BIG DEAL’ pill box with this vector advert.

I am still learning Illustrator (slowly) and tried to create a vector drawing in response, but everything was awful. So I stuck with type and played around with a retro inspired poster. It’s not very good!

Relay week 3.

Fiona responded to my GET OUT street sign with this piece. I took the natural background and the text, and did as I was told. I got out, to the beach.

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